Why Suprada Adventures

We work with you

Suprada Adventures is the only specialist international B2B company providing comprehensive adventure travel packages to tour operators. We are committed to providing high value, seamless services at the most cost effective prices thereby ensuring maximum profits with minimal efforts.

Within the adventure industry, choosing a reliable international service provider is always tricky. It’s very difficult to provide the end users with international services which are seamless, customer friendly, highly experiential and at a cost effective price. Sending company staff to oversee and monitor international adventure packages is difficult and can be expensive. Meeting customer satisfaction and expectation as per required budgets is always challenging and may ultimately leave the clients and the agents unpleasantly surprised.

Safety and emergency situations in these remote locations are often a serious concern for an agent due to lack of communication and consistent, correct information.

With so many uncertainties and challenges in international adventure travel, we thought there was a better way.  So we joined together and created Suprada Adventures, India’s first International B2B adventure tour operator. We at Suprada want to be your strongest partner in International Adventure Travel packages.

We have engaged the most experienced guides and experts and have brought them in as part of Suprada. We maintain and manage our own accommodations, meals and various other services to ensure consistent quality at all levels. We further provide complete adventure insurance packages provided by the pioneer in adventure travel insurance and search and rescue operations.

By doing this, we help to give you more time for sales and client interaction and less time worrying about operations, itineraries and insurance coverage. We have done that work for you.