What we are

Suprada Adventures is a premier business to business provider of safe, highly cost effective International Adventure Travel packages. We are also a business that has made it a priority to maintain a high level of responsibility to our clients, staff and the environment.

Who we are 

We are India’s first comprehensive B2B International Adventure Tour Operator with offices in India and Nepal. With a combined force of market leaders, we are positioned to provide truly comprehensive and cost effective Adventure Travel packages to our tour operators while also being set to bring quality standardization and a higher level of safety to the Adventure Travel market worldwide.

We carefully select the most popular adventure destinations and bring in our local operations and expertise. We monitor and manage every aspect of our exclusive set of services to ensure complete quality control.

Our aim is to set a new standard in responsibility to the client, the industry and the environment. We do this by offering our own accommodations, adventure insurance, highly experienced guides and experts, complete on ground support, international safety standards, search and rescue capabilities and overall complete value added adventure packages.

Suprada Adventures is a company created out of generations of experience and expertise in the Adventure Travel sector. With our passion for the industry and our vision for the future we will assist our tour operators in creating a positive impact on Adventure Travel while ensuring the highest level of consumer satisfaction and profit margins.

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